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Why would you need one if the elevator was constantly there. Idk, I like it. Before going back through the gate to get the wire, I used the blade on the closed box to see if I could just break it open. The blade vannished from the inventory, so I had no way to get the wire. The box stayed closed, probably with the blade in it. This is such a great game and series. It's a real shame that Chrome's flash isn't quite properly compatible with it. Using Firefox feels so strange and foreign, but it'll have to do. It's too beautiful to miss out on.

Great work, can't wait until the next one. Hopefully Chrome will get its life together by then. I'm sorry, but the klunky-doesn't-begin-to-cover-it navigation means that I just cannot become a fan of these games. And on this one, the dizzifying starscape background really, really didn't help. Any initial oddity not that there was much, since I love Myst only contributed to the alien-ness of the environment.

If you find that Chrome's Flash player isn't working for you, just install Adobe's and disable Chrome's built-in one from the plugins preferences. It's not hard to do. Played through all of Buchanan's Freewill and Worldgate games today. I like the high aims of the Freewill storyline but felt the Worldgate execution was much better - clearer sense of whether a puzzle was being resolved versus simply interacted with which, to be fair, interacted with isn't necessarily a bad thing, but having SOME sort of apparent result that is something other than just different is a definitely good thing.

If I can't get there from here, ok, but if I can, just take me there. Sorry to have given only two mushrooms : but I abandoned the game quite early because I was spending all my time trying to get where I wanted to go. I also found the elevator puzzle to be too obscure. Not everyone has played Myst. It's cool that the author wanted to give a shout-out to Myst, but at least keep the puzzles within the framework of THIS game.


I liked the first installment better. The elevator puzzle was just one of the things I found annoying about this game. Let's hope that the next installment redeems this one.

Kinda like when the second installment of a trilogy is not as good as the first, but the third makes up for it, I'm looking at you Ocean's trilogy. Totally reminding me of Myst. The feel of it was there from the beginning, although maybe it was the portal device that put me in the mood. Myst was what got me into gaming in the first place. The elevator I was stumped but once I realized what I was missing it made me smile.

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Maybe it's just me because no one else commented on it , but games that force you to keep backing up to accomplish something drive me crazy. Going back to the power station over and over again made me want to quit. You want to challenge us to figure out how to power up certain devices? Let us power them up without having to continually leave one device, go back, turn it off, turn the new one on, and then advance to the new one. Not enough power to run all of the devices at once? Okay, let us carry around whatever we need and power on the device when we get to it.

Otherwise, half of your game is just running around nonsense. It's exactly what I hated about Myst, and I loved Myst! And I like this game, too, except for that. Other than that, and the navigation, it's a great game. I understand that feeling and have experienced in some casual download games. It's a weird matter of taste, though.

If it's presented well, all that moving about and doing things and going back and forth , is something I enjoy in Myst, this game, and other true first person adventure games.

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If there is another way to keep us immersed in the environment, though, with less backtracking, I'd be all for that as well. Just don't give me a maze a sound maze at that, dang you, Myst! Did you see the clue in the journal? Should be apparent now what the device is. And rest assured, this series is planned for five installments.

Plot holes at this point are simply questions that have not yet been answered - including why they are hidden. You're right. I shouldn't judge the plot until the game is finished. Anyway, it certainly does not take away from my enjoyment of the game. Perhaps it was an unfulfilled ending after spending six years watching "Lost" that had me making a preemptive rant.

Regardless of how it plays out, your game is amazing. Good game. I agree that the constant visits to the generator were annoying, and I wouldn't have been able to figure out the elevator by myself, I think. From the atomic diagrams, it's pretty clear that it stands for deuterium and tritium, isotopes of hydrogen, and thus the cells power some kind of fusion generator. Apparently there is such a thing as D-T fusion.

Very nice game,I don't like installment games. I would be willing to pay for the whole game, start to finish. There is a "download entire game" button on the home page, whats that about? Why can't we play the game in full screen? What am I missing here? I REALLY wanted to play this- but the spinning background actually made me seriously ill after only a couple of screens.

Would be awesome if there was a way to turn it off. Laser wont work? Help someone please thanks.

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Ummm-did anyone ever think to install the same program that IE and Mozilla use for their flash to make it work in Chrome. We installed DirectX and just allow it to run when we open Chrome and it works like a dream Perhaps anyone who does not want to change to other browsers while playing Worldgate should give it a try. You simply have to deactivate the top entry by clicking on "deactivate" depending on your browser's language version, e.

Note: You will only be able to access any saved flash data when using the same flash player e. If you turn on the other flash player again it will look like every stored data has been removed until you switch it off again. Why does this game still appear on the advertising banners when round 3 and round 4 are available? Leave a comment [ top of page ]. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them.

Since , we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. Use our game submission form. Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. Worldgate 2: Contact. Currently 4. Games you might also love to play. Description Walkthrough Comments October 25, Read More. Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.

Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers. Place the Keywand in its holder. The Worldgate will now be activated. Enter the portal. Turn to the left. Note the number written on the wall: Use the Lighter to melt the ice. Pick up the DT-Core Return to the elevator car, and press the button to go to the first floor. If you find yourself stuck like I did try using the lighter on something. Found a bug! You can walk backwards towards the powerstation without inserting the portable laser. A good game, just as the first. Only one trouble spot: Walking out of the elevator before it leaves?

What music theme from a sony games, would be recongized by all gamers?

LightWarriorK: I totally agree, The leave the elevator early dynamic really was absurd. Great game can't wait for the next installment. I disagree I think the elevator thing is indeed logical because of the inclusion of an elevator call button which would not be necessary if the elevator were always on the same level as you were. Also, it's a tip of the hat to Myst Exact same. I agree that The walking out of the elevator was too obscure.

I was tryna beat around the bush but, "gamers worth their salt" is what I was trying to say. Sephiroths theme song!! But general population of gamers could instantly recognize only Super mario theme im not a dedicated nintendo fan, i just know theres a lot of recognizable songs from nintendo. Mongo-Boss bungie is owned by microsoft, which makes it a microsoft theme. I don't think it truly matters and I don't think anyone truly cares. Ok then, in that case I agree but Halo's theme song is no where near as recongnizable as Mario's not that anyone has stated this but it is more recognizable than any Sony game I can think of.

I would say the music that pops up when you start a PS2. Ash - Control another series i played. That song doesn't ring a bell. Sony hasn't really created a franchise that actually will stay stuck in the minds of gamers for years to come. No it doesn't matter it's truly irrelevant. Unless you can tell me why it's needed except for "identity". What about IBM, apple, and Dell? What theme song do they have? They all give keynotes, some of them are big in the game industry. Do they all have their identity song? Do they need one?

Sony always creates new franchises which is pretty cool. And it's a racing game. They've also played off the success of other games like Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid which aren't first party. Many people first started with said games on the Playstation or PS2. I can see why people associate Final Fantasy's victory fanfare with Sony's console in this thread.

But of course that was played in six other Final Fantasy games on a Nintendo console as well. Personally for me, music from Gran Turismo reminds me of Sony but it's not something everyone remembers. Music themes is not even close to be as important like they were 20 years ago. Sony entered the gaming market when music and sound technology was much better so you didn't need small themes to get you into the game. Nobue Uematso, easily one of the best VGM composers said that "sound is getter more and more important to make a game feel alive so music has to take a step backwards" when he did the music for FFX.

Music themes is still important but not close to what is once were to a company. This didn't hurt Sony in the PS1 and PS2 generations when they easily dominated so why would it hurt them now. The only thing that would possibly be hurt if it lacked a music theme is a game franchise but every Sony game franchise has a music theme that the fans recognises. Another reason is that this is the first gen when Sony is really strong in the first party games as they have relied on third party games before, which has had a lot of music themes.

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  2. Depeche Mode.
  3. That's not you, right?;
  4. What music theme from a sony games, would be recongized by all gamers?.
  5. Court of Nightfall.
  6. Refrighten's Place.
  7. Romance Erotica: Law Of Attraction.

Besides, it's not like the Halo theme is close to the Mario and Zelda theme. Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!

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  • MGS for example. Probably the most recognised is the encounter music, and it was used for MGS1 and once in MGS4 for a very short period of time. I can think of only one Nintendo theme that would be immiedietly recognized by all gamers to be honest AdrianWerner. That theme is associated with Metal Gear Solid. Everyone is quite aware of Nintendo's theme. And even when I think of Sega back in the day it was the title screen music for Sonic the Hedgehog where he's shaking his index finger.

    Sony doesn't really have a first-party game with a recognizable theme everyone knows. Even when we think of Microsoft sometimes it's the ambient voices from Halo. But I don't think anything except for the original Mario theme would be recognized by all. Rahnyc4 God of War theme.

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    I would also recognise the Shadow of the Colossus theme. I'm pretty sure most gamers worth their salt know the Zelda and Mario themes. Probably the two most recognizable themes out there. Wow, can't believe this wasn't said. But not necesarily the whole song, the first little 5 second tune at the begnning is whats memorable about it. Now I know this game is on a Sony system but are we talking about Sony games as like in house games or games on the PS brand in general?

    Well isn't the Halo theme song Bungie's and not MS's? If that counts then I guess there are several theme songs from 3rd party games that are recognizable but nothing is on the level of Mario's theme song, every gamer and their mother knows it. When you get a star and when you go underground.

    Rahnyc4 thats recongized by a few people. I think that is recognized by people who play God of War, but how often do you hear it in commercials. Hell, they even used a Mario theme for the Wii Music commercial. Samething goes for the original soundtracks of Halo and Microsoft. Sony has had success with several first-party games. But they never were able to build up a mascot like Mario which they should have already done , They don't have a game that a bunch non-gamers know about Halo. Gran Turismo to me is the only thing that makes the PS3 feel like a Playstation. But it uses licensed music, and some of the original music on the various OSTs is hardly remembered the first GT had different soundtracks depending on the region like DBZ.

    I think if Kratos is taken seriously by Sony, he'll be alive for awhile.

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    • Gran Turismo really is the only franchise that has been around long enough to represent what Sony is. Ash - Control. Plus these 2 are not only recognized by PS fans, but for pretty much every gamer out there. When does Microsoft use that theme? The only time I have ever heard it is while on hold with customer support. Rahnyc4 i think it matters a lot.