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Customer Needs, Wants & Desires

Think of a time you felt desired by a lover — without any demand that you satisfy them — simply their desire for you. Hot, right?!?!?! In the video below I go into much more detail in each of these areas, as well as share my own personal experience s around desires, wants, needs, and some of the ways I have worked with expanding my own capacity.

I recommend this practice! Your email address will not be published. The truth is: Our wants, needs, and desires create more intimacy. Wanting is sexy! Like what you're reading?

Needs Wants and Desires

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Your job is to ensure that this message gets through. We all want faster machines. Unfortunately, replacing a workstation is no trivial matter, especially for most of the small businesses I work with. Sure, the hardware is cheap enough these days, but the upgrade entails other costs. For example, ensuring software compatibility, transferring applications, configuring network connections, and providing end-user training all add to the bottom line. Perhaps upgrading all the workstations would be more cost effective.

Difference between NEED, WANT and DEMAND

If, for example, the Win95 systems are crashing every other day, causing 30 minutes of lost productivity each time, you don't need a rocket scientist to help you connect the dots. However, you must make sure that management is aware of the dots. Again, the task falls to you.

The Sneaky Fallacy Around Wants, Needs & Desires | Kendra Cunov

Sure, management hears employees complaining about their workstations and software, but they don't have the expertise to determine whether these complaints have substance. You're not only capable of making such determinations, but you're also capa! Finally, you must consider the extravagances. Would a flat-panel monitor look nice on every desk?

A Short List of Needs, Wants, and Desires for 2010 -

But would this new equipment translate into higher productivity? Probably not.

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Your job is to help ensure that your organization spends its financial resources most effectively. When you do your job well, you better your organization's chances of success, and you become a more valued member of the team.

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