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Seamus has gone from a worried pooch who used to hide away in a corner from his doggy walker to winning Dog of the Month at Scruffy Tales! Every part of the service is brilliant, from the alerts on pick up and drop off to the wonderful wee reports Cat provides after each walk. Being outdoors, exploring the country side whatever the weather. I worked with the Scottish SPCA for a number of years, and although I loved my job the hours were hard to fitting in with my family life, particularly as my children are young and involved in sporting activities.

Setting up my business allows me to still do the job I love whilst still be there for my children and watching them in their competitions. I have a number of years working with dogs of various breeds, sizes and temperaments. I have basic dog training and behavioural awareness training as well as K9 first aid. This is an hour long walk in the woods or hills with a group of no more than 5 dogs, your pooch is guaranteed to have fun as well as get a bit messy but will always be returned to you cleaned down and smelling fresh!

An hour walk, this walk is ideal for dogs who are reactive to other dogs who would not be suited to a pack walk or generally for dogs who just prefer their own company,. Ideal for puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated, a drop in service for 30 mins for a play, some basic training and a clean up if they happen to have a toilet accident in the home. Also great for older dogs who just need a small walk or let out in the garden with lots of fussing attention.

Dog Walking Pet Sitting. View phone number. About Fully insured and PVG disclosure checked dog walker, based in inverness but can cover surrounding areas. Reviews 7 Leave a review. Emma Sneddon. Christie MacKay MacKinnon. Karen Diab. Leigh Fraser. Karen Castle. Joanne McGlone. Yvonne Mackay. Photos 3 See all. What inspired you to start your own business? Why should our clients choose you? Services Pack Walk. Solo Walk. Leave a review for Scruffy Tales. Click to rate:. Cancel Post review.


Continue Get Quotes Back. Are you sure that you want to leave? Quit Continue. Choose country United Kingdom. Jun 01, Meghan rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites , children. Read this book numerous times as a kid. Loved it so much, it survived countless moves with me, and now I'm reading it to my 8yo dd.

A bit dark and heartwrenching, but the language in this book still moves me in my mid thirties. LOVE this book! Sep 23, Julia rated it it was ok Shelves: z-format-book , ya. I am normally a sucker for animal stories whether based on true events or coming in fictional format. I just couldn't get into this particular book though. At times it was too sad and yet too unreasonable as well as dry so I struggled to get through the pages. The characters were refreshingly mainly dogs but we don't get much depth or understanding of the dogs themselves since the author didn't give them human voice to keep to the authenticity of the story.

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Since the dogs don't speak you would I am normally a sucker for animal stories whether based on true events or coming in fictional format. Since the dogs don't speak you would have believed the author would have given a bit more insight into their actual minds instead of having us try to guess it what was going on and thus the characters were rather flat and non-relatable. What irritated me the most with the writing is the author's use of "it". I can understand it when a human is talking but there were whole parts in the story where "it looked at its mother", "it was scared".

You said it was a female so it should be she or her other a male thus he or him! Is the author trying to weaken his own stand by making us aware of a growing problem yet still subjugating the subject of that problem to a status underneath the superiority of the reader? In a sense it was all backwards. And although I was happy for the collie why was she never given a name unlike the rest of the group it made me mad about Moses.

You didn't have enough drama or sadness in it that the one with the saddest story has to be the sacrifice. So glad I hadn't read this when I was younger and won't be reading it again. View 2 comments. Feb 01, Zack Bagnell rated it it was amazing.

The Adventures of Emma and Scruffy -

Nov 20, Margery rated it it was amazing Shelves: childhood-favorites. I just loved this book as young reader. It was when I finished reading this book that I first wrote my own. I saw this as a "Weekend Special" on a Saturday morning, you know, when they televised short stories and books right after all the cartoons Willie Tyler and Lester?! I would love to own a copy.

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View 1 comment. This was one of those books I bought from one of those Scholastic book order forms and re-read a million times as a kid, even though it made me cry. I'm such a sucker for a good animal story. Jul 27, Bunko rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone.

It is a feel good book about heros. I have read this about 4 times since. I wish I had the book now, I would read it again. Scruffy never let life get him down. Dec 21, Rachel Sorsa rated it it was amazing.

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Read this as a child and still consider it one of my all-time favorite books. It left a wonderful mark. Oct 27, Cassie rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens. This book still makes me tear up a little This was my favorite book of all time when I was a kid. Jun 03, Brandon Burrup rated it really liked it Shelves: book-i-read-as-a-kid.

This is a great book about a stray dog and the people he meets. Kind of like another book about a homeless boy named Maniac MacGee. I really enjoyed this book as a kid and as a dog lover.

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I can hardly remember what this book was about, but I do remember reading it about 6 times between 2nd and 3rd grade, so it must have been good! Apr 25, Carol Fitzgerald rated it it was amazing. My very first loved book that started me down the road of reading!!! One of my favorite childhood books, one I read and reread countless times.

If you want to know why I have a soft spot for dogs in general and shelter dogs in particular, read this book. Mar 20, P. Winn rated it really liked it. If you like Lassie and books similar to that story pick up this book and join Scruffy in adventure. This is the fictional story of a real life stray who became famous when reporter a for the Daily Mirror did a news article on her.

That reporter was Jack Stoneley, and he was so touched by the reaction apparently he went on to write this book. He also penned a sequel, "The Return of the Tuesday Dogs". This is quite a short read and I was absorbed by it for the whole 2 hours it t This book is also known as "Scruffy" or "Scruffy: The Tuesday Dog", the latter being the title of the Kindle edition. This is quite a short read and I was absorbed by it for the whole 2 hours it took me to read it, but I am a lot older than the books target audience.

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The story is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. The book also isn't afraid to get its message home with a good deal of material not suitable for the fragile out there. Death, gore, and violence all play their part and are described graphically enough to build the picture without going into unnecessary detail. Of course, the horror makes the heartwarming moments much more rewarding and this rollercoaster ensures the book comes to a very satisfying close.

A lot is packed into this short tale but it's a very enjoyable read that I will pick up and read again. Many times over. Apr 10, Gori Suture rated it it was amazing. This was one of my favorite books from childhood. Ready to give birth, she escapes and seeks shelter in the abandoned house.

She has three pups, but the puppies are starving and freezing. Scruffy is then on her own, were she is pet to a homeless man, and she This was one of my favorite books from childhood. Scruffy is then on her own, were she is pet to a homeless man, and she spends time with other unwanted dogs. She and her friends end up in the pound. This story is a total tear-tearjerker.

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Jan 08, Ryan Fjeldsted rated it really liked it. I thought that "Scruffy" was a good book. He does to a better perspective and says the personality of the dog. The personality is a rascal, so sort of all over the place and energetic. Apr 20, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: read-in The animated film based on this book is one I must have watched dozens of times as I was growing up. I adored it, and reading this so many years later was like reliving that movie. It's interesting to know that the story was based on a real stray. It was a slim read, but the ending still made me tear up.